2017 -2018 Science and Math Courses

Home School Courses in the Rogue Valley

We will be offering: 1) A high school Chemistry course with lab; 2) A high school Biology course with lab; 3) An hands-on Exploring Science course for 4-8th grade students; and 4) Applied Algebra 1 and Applied Algebra 2 (same as MTH 63 and MTH 96 at RCC).     Classes meet once a week for 2 hours.  For details check out this flyer: LW Homeschool Courses 2017-18 Flyer

Summer Camps 2017!

2017 Summer Camps were a great time of learning, adventure, and fun.  We added some skits this year which help illustrate science concepts.  The skits were performed by our wonderful table leaders, and were very popular with the students.  If you would like to host a camp at your church next summer, please let me know.